Recruit Page

We would like to welcome you into this wonderful organization. In this page are different sections of the requirements for a recruit to learn to pass their level. Ensure that you are reading and studying the subject matter to ensure that you are aware of the requirements of an Air Cadet.

This is our weekly schedule which gives the outline to each night, class schedules are posted in the hallway, as well with the “Duty NCO”

Weekly Schedule

This gives the outline of what we do while during the year.

Weekly Training at a Glance

This section goes through the rank system within the Cadet/Canadian Forces ranks.

Cadet and Officer Ranks

This section gives direction on how to address other cadets, officers, and the public. It also talks about how to pay respects to the ceremonial side of the cadet program. Please note that you will only Salute while you are in Full Uniform. While wearing civilian clothing(Regular clothing), you will stand at attention until the officer or the national anthem is over.

Paying Compliments

This section talks about how to wear your uniform when you have been issued it. It goes through badge placement, ties tying, haircuts, and much more.

Orders of Dress

This is the section for drill, practicing drill at home will help your overall ability to do the drill.

Drill Lessons

If after reading these sections and you have questions, Please speak to one of the cadet leaders. They will be happy to help, just remember the section on how to address a senior cadet. See you out on the parade square.

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