Adult Staff

Commanding Officer

Captain Tracy Reddy

Captain Reddy joined the Air Cadet program in 1985 as a cadet and aging out in 1991. She entered the Canadian Armed Forces Cadet Instructor List in 1992. Where she worked with KW Spitfire Squadron as Administration Officer until she was commissioned in 1993, then held the position of Training Officer until 1995.

During the summers from 1992 to 2002 Captain Reddy was attach posted to Trenton Air Cadet Camp (TACTC/TACSTC), full filling the roles of Instructor/Flight Commander on courses such as Basic, Junior Leaders and the Air Cadet Instructors Course and later writing and assessing the course curriculum as Officer Commanding Standards.

During that time she was awarded a Commanding Officers Citation for dedication and advancement in courseware.

From 1996-2001 Captain Reddy attended Laurentian University and Canadian Forces College in Kingston and later received Certification in Adult Education from Conestoga College. In order to remain part of the cadet program throughout her schooling, she volunteered, with 200, 713, 173, 58 RCACS as an Instructor and worked with our Regional Cadet Instructor School in the roles of Administration Officer, Logistics Officer, and Instructor.

From 2005 to 2010 Captain Reddy took a brief break from the reserves and the Cadet program and released from the Military in order to focus on her professional career.

Shortly after her return to the Cadet Instructor Cadre in 2011, Captain Reddy returned to 80 KW Spitfire Squadron wherein 2015 she was awarded the Canadian Forces Decoration and in spring of 2016 took Command of the unit.

Outside her military role, Captain Reddy works within the Risk Management Department of MCAP Mortgage Servicing and her personal interests include: WWII Aircraft, Animal Welfare, and travel.

Deputy Commanding Officer / Training Officer

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