80 K-W Spitfire Squadron, as part of the Air Cadet program, is an exciting youth organization that provides young people aged 12 to 18 with fun, challenging, and rewarding activities that help them develop skills that they will use throughout their lives.The cadets of 80 Squadron have the opportunity to build self-confidence, increase their self-awareness, and develop their leadership and teamwork skills. With an emphasis on teamwork in many of our activities, cadets learn to work together to accomplish their goals, developing mutual respect and lifelong friendships. As they progress through the program, cadets earn more responsibilities and are encouraged to take on leadership roles, further developing their leadership and decision-making skills. Cadets are also encouraged to become active, responsible members of their community by volunteering and participating in numerous citizenship activities and community events. Our cadets easily surpass the minimum volunteer hours required to graduate high school.

Along with leadership and citizenship activities, cadets have the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of other subject areas including aviation, effective speaking, field survival, physical fitness, music, and instructional techniques. Cadets will apply their knowledge through hands-on practical experiences such as leading a small group to accomplish a task, building a shelter to survive, teaching a class, or organizing team sports. Our cadets can also earn some very rewarding once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, including earning a pilot’s license and/or traveling abroad on an exchange trip.


Regular Parade Nights: Tuesdays 1820 – 2110 hours
Location: Kitchener Armoury, 350 East Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario

Squadron Phone Number: (519) 744-9911
Squadron E-mail: co80spitfire@gmail.com

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